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Compassion for Families and Their Losses

About Jessica

Our founder, Jessica, began Simon's Legacy in Platteville, Colorado following her own experiences with loss and miscarriage. She now dedicates her life to serving bereaved families with care packages, resources, and support. Jessica is a mother to 12 angels.

Early Losses

In May 2012, Jessica found out that she was pregnant. During her ultrasound, she saw her baby and the baby's heartbeat. The doctor had some concerns but said that it was possible that things would be fine and result in a healthy pregnancy. Three days after that ultrasound, the baby's heart stopped. During this time, the doctor was routine and not caring. Jessica was horrified at how coldly she was treated by everyone around her.

Finding Support

The doctor that Jessica had for her D&C surgery was very kind and caring and has stayed her doctor ever since. Following this painful experience, Jessica joined loss support groups on Facebook and met women who have been by her side through each of her losses since. She named the baby that she lost Aylin, which means "having a moonlit halo."

Further Complications

In 2014, Jessica learned that she was pregnant again. She began having some bleeding and was told that she had a subchorionic hemorrhage but that as long as she was careful, things would be fine. She continued to bleed and eventually went to the emergency room. The doctors gave her an ultrasound that confirmed her worst fear: the baby's heart was no longer beating. Jessica named this baby Angel, She went on to have three more early miscarriages that year.

Another Pregnancy

At this point, Jessica wanted a hysterectomy, but on January 12, 2015, she found out that she was pregnant again. She was prepared for complications but ended up carrying this healthy baby to full term. Jessica was due on September 21, 2015, and was scheduled to be induced the following day.

Loss and Grief

During labor, Jessica's world came crashing down when her son's heartbeat dropped during a contraction. She was rushed to the operating room and put under anesthesia so the doctor could get to him as soon as possible. When she woke up, she was given the news that her child was stillborn.

Ongoing Support and Recovery

This loss was very traumatic, and Jessica feels fortunate to have had the wonderful support of her family as well as her doctor, nurses, and women from the clinic who work with bereaved families. She still leans on the women she met through Facebook and one of the women from there is a bereavement doula who reached out and supported her following this trauma.

Honoring Her Angels

Jessica has laid three babies to rest in the same cemetery. Aylin and Angel are at the Memorial Wall for the Unborn and Simon is in a section called Baby Land. Simon's Legacy has been a healing and therapeutic way for Jessica to be the one providing comfort to bereaved families.

Updates and Discovery

Two more babies have been added to the memorial wall. In addition, Jessica has changed clinics and doctors, which led to brand new information and brings forth the idea that it's important to ask questions and speak up for yourself. New tests were performed under the new doctors, who discovered abnormalities in the chromosomes. With extensive genetic testing, it helps understand the reason for the miscarriages and what is within your control and what is not. The most important part of this process is remembering that the miscarriage or the results of the tests are in no way your fault.